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We have Fun Jewelry from Lalo!

Lalo Treasures Lalo Treasures

Many years ago, Orna Lalo started making things that made her happy. She came up with handmade designs of fun and light. As a compulsive collector of views, feels, tastes and thoughts she gather them all and store them in her brain machine where they bland and shake and wait to be used. Once she decides to work on a concept, ideas start floating out and build up the next fantasy collection. From a local workshop Lalo treasures has grown into an international company with branches throughout Europe, the United States, the Far East and more.

Fun, Colorful, Vegan, Eco-Friendly Faux Leather Wallets!

LAVISHY is a Toronto based designer label since 2001. They are a Canadian company that reflects multi cultures in Canada and the world through its designs. The products are just some fun, colorful and very affordable fashion accessories that were designed and discovered during travel.
All the products are 100% eco-friendly and made in imitation leather like PVC. These products will make you happy and look great.

Bohemian Artist Jewelry

Flutterby has European designed jewelry that produces very wearable contemporary art with a clean esthetic. All of the collections are made by ethical designers with ethical practices where the employees are paid a fair living wage with benefits.

All of this jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel and lead free!

Fall Trend Spotlight: Fingerless Gloves!

Fingerless gloves are a trend that is sticking because it is founded in convenience. Channel your inner rocker, your hobo hipster, or just your every day practical you… if you need fingers to text / type / dial / zip…. then you need fingerless options!

Keep your finger on the fashion pulse…layered, cabled, embellished, marled…. Flutterby has you covered!