Body & Bath

Fresh Water Fragrance Body Oils, Lotions, Gels, Mists and Cologne:
Terranova’s Rain Body Line

With TerraNova, experience simple, true body care for a more beautiful, healthy you. Always made with premium plant ingredients and fresh, evocative fragrances. Trust that you are getting the very best in every bottle. Flutterby features the classic Rain™ product line—sparkling and renewing, invigorating aromas of dewy clover and Spring lilies burst forth to awaken your senses, while a sheer musk creates an aura of delicate sensuality.


Flutterby has artisan soaps, lotions, oils, soaks and potions!

These Award Winning bath and beauty products are uniquely formulated with the finest therapeutic botanicals, wholesome ingredients, essential oils and minimal preservatives. Distinctive and unique, each formulation is crafted batch-by-batch at laboratories here in the United States. Many of these products require over thirty-five steps in the crafting process – we consider this a true labor of love anyone can appreciate. The finished products are never tested on animals and we encourage the recycling of the simple product packaging. (In-store items only at this time)